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‘Gone Girl’ DP: We Treated the RED Epic Dragon Like a Film Camera

Cinematographer Jeff Cronenweth and director David Fincher talk to ICG Magazine about their Gone Girl shoot, which was the first feature film to use the RED Epic Dragon 6K camera.

Says Cronenweth, ““David and I were the first to use the Mysterium chip on The Social Network. During the shoot on Dragon Tattoo we switched over to Epic when memory cards became available. After that I shot Hitchcock on the Red Epic. We stayed in contact with the Red group, and [president] Jarred Land is really good about embracing new ideas and advancements. There were eight Dragons in existence when shooting began, and we had four of them. We brought Epics along as backups since we were away on location, but the Dragon was well tested before we got our hands on it, so we weren’t exactly guinea pigs. We treated the shooting like film, picking a single lookup table as you would a film stock, then creating the rest of our look with choices of lighting, art department and costuming.”

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