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Global Display Solutions Unveils its Optically Enhanced TFT Display

Global Display Solutions (GDS) has unveiled its revolutionary Optically Enhanced TFT Display. The display is designed for use in flight and rail information displays, public information kiosks, retail exhibitions, trade shows, and conference rooms. This innovative TFT display, which forms part of GDS” new Industrial Range, has increased brightness and contrast, making the screen much easier to read than alternate TFT displays on the market.

The new Optically Enhanced TFT Display uses a GDS-patented process to ensure that internal light reflections and refractions are completely eliminated, maximizing the visibility of the display. This patented solution, which uses a unique material with a cross-polymer bonding capability to fill the air gap between the glass and LCD, enables a display to be optically enhanced.

The new Optically Enhanced TFT Display also has the following advantages:

  • Scalable (available in sizes ranging from 6in. to 46in.) and removable
  • Can be applied to either standard LCD panels or GDS Mitra panels (1,500 candelas approx.)
  • Removable touchscreen option
  • No condensation on the display
  • Reduced parallax (parallax refers to the apparent shifting of an image on a display when viewed at different angles, thereby altering the perspective)
  • No stress on the LCD to cause birefringence (white spots) that impede the LCD
  • LCD cover glass remains secured in place even when cracked
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use (display maintains its high performance even when directly exposed to UV rays for long periods)
  • Negligible risk of LCD contamination—the display is assembled in a specially designed clean room facility in Italy

GDS” new Optically Enhanced TFT Display also has the added benefits of being low-cost and free from optical degradation. This solution is ideal where vandal-resistant, protective glass is already a requirement.

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