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Get Inside Steven Soderbergh’s Head With These ‘Knick’ Editing Notes

Ever wonder what Steven Soderbergh's creative process is really like?

Ever wonder what Steven Soderbergh’s creative process is really like? The director/cinematographer/editor/composer/filmmaking wunderkind is known for having complete control over his many projects and his latest television series, The Knick, is no different. 

Now Indiewire is sharing the editing notes that were exchanged between Soderbergh and Cinemax president Kary Antholis to offer a wonderful and fascinating insight into the filmmaker’s thought process.

Says Antholis, “The creative interaction with Steven on The Knick was a tremendously collaborative and rewarding process. For both seasons, we engaged in a dialogue — usually by email — where we discussed the scripts, the cuts and the music choices of each episode. We approached this process with great sensitivity to the storytelling aims and ideas. Steven and his team reciprocated with thoughtful, clear-headed assessments of the questions we posed and sought solutions that were in the best interests of the narrative.  Steven summed it up best when he said: ‘What I like about working with Cinemax is that they will always ask: Can it be better? What I love about working with Cinemax is that when I say No, they always believe me.'”