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Gary Baum Calls on Vinten for ‘Go Jerrod Go’

Go Jerrod Go reunites five-time Emmy-nominated cinematographer Gary Baum with director Mark Cendrowski. The multicamera comedy pilot for NBCUniversal stars comic Jerrod Carmichael. In preparing for the pilot, Carmichael and producer Ravi Nandan had clear ideas about the look of the show, envisioned as warm tones with contrast and modeling. Baum gave them exactly what they had in mind. Go Jerrod Go is shot with Sony PMW-F55 cameras with Panavision Primo 11:1 zooms, and Vinten Vector 700H pan and tilt heads.

Gary Baum

Baum notes, “I’ve used Vinten for over 10 years, and use them on all of our pedestal shoots. I can count on operators being able to dolly, zoom and pan/tilt easily and consistently, delivering the cinematic shots I want. It is always my choice when shooting multicamera with pedestal.”

Baum cites many advantages of Vinten: reliability, ease of operation, and smooth pan and tilt. The low profile and wide base allow for camera stability. “I love that it moves as one solid unit and that Vinten’s controls and knobs are familiar with each generation so my operators don’t have to relearn their operating skills every time Vinten comes out with a new head.”

His favorite scene from the pilot? “There’s a sweet, romantic scene in Jerrod’s apartment with his girlfriend dancing and arguing. The shot seemed effortlessly executed.”