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‘Game of Thrones’ Cinematographer Reveals OConnor Workflow

Game of Thrones continues to attract a record number of viewers, with an exceptionally broad and active fan base around the globe. Viewers are consistently drawn in by its winning combination of unpredictable and complex plot lines, outstanding acting and creative cinematography.

For the show, cinematographer Ben Wilson uses an OConnor 2575B head with his ARRI Alexa camera. Many of the drama’s most infamous scenes—from the first main character’s beheading to the deadly weddings—were captured using the OConnor head as the key support.

“Throughout the show, the OConnor 2575B was the main workhorse head, whether it was mounted on the dolly or the sticks. Occasionally we supplemented it with other pieces of equipment, like for the ground-level shots, but on a daily basis it was the go-to shooting head.”

Wilson has worked with the OConnor 2575B for the last eight years, across his vast array of filming projects. “OConnor products handle the large camera kits extremely well. The digital cameras may be getting smaller, but we have to factor in everything else, from lens packages to the focus systems and monitors. The whole rig can still be heavy. It’s vital to have a strong head that can perform under that weight.”

“It’s one of my most reliable pieces of support equipment. During productions, directors tend to jump on cameras to have a look. With OConnor, they know where the locks are. It’s all about familiarity and reliability in this business, and the head is undoubtedly the industry standard.”