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Game Changers in the World of Color Grading

Technicolor’s The Future Trust posted a Q/A about new workflow technology with one of the company’s colorists, Timothy Vincent.

Says Vincent, “‘In technology, we’re always trying to expand…to push the envelope…to create new viewing environments – such as IMAX, for instance, or 3D.  On TV we now have a variety of environments to consider – from standard definition to high definition to UHD, 4K, HDR and so on.  We are always trying to take advantage of the technology – to ask: what does it really give you to help your project?'”

Later, he adds, “‘It’s a fluid situation because the manufacturers of the color-creation tools have to develop technologies while we still need to work.  As new things become available, we learn to use them.  It is a trial and error process…which actually works best.'”

There’s no question that big changes are on the horizon in the world of color grading. Vincent sums up the key point going forward as he sees it. “My hope is that all the communities creating elements of HDR continue to reach out to colorists, so that HDR can turn out to be this amazing new technology and viewing environment because all the different elements are taken into account.”