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Frezzi SkyLight LED Shines Bright, Both Inside and Out

On a recent month-long, 22-city project for a multinational energy company, the Frezzi Skylight LED proved to be the perfect travel companion. It has a unique single-element point source design that is easy to control and, most importantly, doesn’t create the pixelated light emitted by some other panel-style lights.

On that trip, I took Skylight on a shoot in the desert. Its incredible output and ability to run off battery power was a game-changer. With its metal construction and no fan to wear out or make noise, the light worked fine all day in the desert heat. Back in the offices, I was able to use the softbox accessory for beautiful wraparound interview lighting while exposing properly to see out windows in the background for several key executive interviews.

Unlike some of my 1×1 lights, the Skylight fits easily into my carry-on with my camera, so I didn’t have to worry about baggage delays or fees. The baggage fees alone on this project would have been more than the cost of the Skylight.

The compact, weatherproof design is made to take the abuse of field production, and there are no fragile plastic parts to break. The Frezzi Skylight is the single most versatile light in my collection for making stunning images under demanding conditions.

Rick Smosky is a director of photography with 25 years of experience