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Frezzi EyLight Hits Home Run for WKTV in Utica

When my station, owned by Heartland Media, transitioned to HD and found a need for a reliable portable light source for our mobile media journalists to go along with their cameras (JVC GY-HM650U), we considered a number of solutions. Other stations were using some lighting units with batteries mounted at the back, but we were looking for something self-contained and small enough to mount on smaller cameras. We needed an effective lighting solution that did not rely on AA lithium batteries, which are expensive and need to be recycled.

Frezzi’s EyLight is a gem. It’s lightweight and allows you to quickly check your battery power with the LED gauge. The self-contained battery is so handy when you’re doing a live shot, when you don’t want to risk running your camera battery down. Frezzi conveniently located the switches and dimmer on the camera operating side. The color temperature is maintained throughout the dimming range, and the configuration is just perfect.

I can’t say enough about it—the design, the quality of the work. The only shortfall has been a few small screws that needed replacing after working themselves loose, but I’ve been informed that the fixture now ships with a tighter Loctite-style cement that will rectify this. The EyLight is a great addition for any cameraman or camerawoman who would like to have a nice, compact, self-contained light. This is a home run, Frezzi. Thank you very, very much.

Keith Hunt is a photojournalist at WKTV in Utica, NY.