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Freefly Systems MoVI M15 Delivers Adventure in the Alps

When I got called to DP and shoot the new snowboard ad campaign for JBL Audio, I knew that the MōVI M15 was going to be my go-to tool for the entire project. The MōVI not only excelled in the mountains, it also gave me the ability to move freely and quickly with the athletes to tell the story of travel and adventure—in the streets of Innsbruck, Austria, on trains and through the slope-side villages of St. Anton.

The RED footage we captured was absolutely beautiful, and I was able to capture Ben Ferguson’s snowboarding style of riding smoothly and effortlessly. From the fine-tuned adjustments I can make as a single operator in Majestic Mode to the unit’s ability to operate flawlessly in frigid temperatures, the MōVI M15 easily adapted to the documentary approach we brought to the project.

Motion Booting when riding chairlifts and shooting on trains is a crucial feature not found in other stabilizers, and Setdown Sleep Mode saves batteries and your energy throughout the day. New features such as these come regularly from Freefly and are always just a firmware download away.

Freefly Systems’ entire line of MōVI camera gimbal platforms is the single most valuable asset to our company’s workflow. There truly is no other piece of camera technology that has done more for our crew in the past decade, and there is no other gimbal out there that even comes close to the technology, customization and performance of the MōVI.

Whether it’s attaching the MōVI to the ALTA for FAA-certified aerials, tackling handheld work in remote mountain ranges or chasing down athletes with it attached to the TERO remote vehicle, we never leave home without our Freefly arsenal.

Corey Koniniec is a filmmaker at Motion State.