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‘Free Fire’ Director Ben Wheatley: Storyboarding Is the Cheapest Way of Filmmaking

Free Fire

director Ben Wheatley speaks to

Little White Lies 

about his latest film and his career going from being an illustration major to making viral internet videos to finally becoming a celebrated indie filmmaker.

He explains that his work making internet videos informed his filmmaking style with “c

ertainly the compression of information and storytelling side of it. It’s also having confidence in your own voice and just going, ‘F*** it, I’m gonna do this and I don’t care.’ When I was doing the online viral stuff, you’d pitch the ideas and do the creative side of it but you’d also have to deliver the post-production. The thing about the net back then was the audience was so open-minded.”

Wheatley also talks about how how he storyboarded the entirety of

Free Fire

. “Storyboarding is the cheapest way of making the film and it forces you to really think about it,” he says. “The thing about movies is, cars blowing up and guns going off is big ticket imagery, you can sit there and imagine it in your head. What’s really hard is all the boring stuff like people coming through doors or someone going up some stairs. I’ll spend a lot of time working all that stuff out.”

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