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Free E-Book: The Latest in Lighting: Technologies & Techniques to Improve Your Production

In this resource, a companion to Digital Video magazine, we’ll focus on a number of lighting developments that will impact (and improve) your upcoming productions.

With technologies continuing to evolve, video production professionals have more equipment options, but in turn, more concerns and questions. As Phil Rhodes says in one of our articles, “What’s changed is the number of smaller productions with big ideas. Every camera still requires light, after all, so the demand for equipment now encompasses not only more people but also a far wider range of requirements.”

Examining a range of new lighting products from manufacturers including Kino Flo, Cineo, ARRI, BB&S, Zylight, Photon Beard, and NILA, we address issues including color performance, energy consumption, reliability, and output. We also give you a tutorial on how to evaluate lighting fixtures using photometrics.

Each of this e-book’s expert contributors guide you through these advances in lighting and advise you how to gauge what will produce the best results for your projects.

Download it for free here.