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Frame Linear Relies on Dot Hill for Peak Post Capabilities

Boutique postproduction studio Frame Linear provides editorial, color grading, finishing and motion graphics services. From television and film to commercials and action sports programs, the Colorado operation supports projects developed across the region. Frame Linear’s services are enlisted annually by Warren Miller Films for its acclaimed skiing and snowboarding action film series. Further, Frame Linear was instrumental to the Listen Productions documentary Rolling Papers, a film about the first year of legalized marijuana in Colorado. The film is slated for national release in February.

Key to tackling demanding projects is the company’s shared storage system. With a 72 TB Dot Hill storage array and 8 Gb Fibre Channel network connectivity, capacity and performance is never an issue. According to founder and owner Peder Morgenthaler, “On any given project, we’ll have multiple artists working on different systems. Dot Hill and our infrastructure creates a shared pool of high-performance storage, allowing collaboration without disrupting the workflow. Also, Dot Hill’s RAID controllers are configured in an active-active redundant setup to ensure high availability and optimum performance on each workstation.”

Morgenthaler feels shared storage is not just effective, it’s vital for coping with increasing file sizes, higher data rates and new software. Dot Hill offers a system that can handle future advancements and growth. In fact, he has purchased an additional 72 TB of Dot Hill storage. With this, he’ll offer access to the managed shared storage environment and capabilities Colorado filmmakers wouldn’t otherwise have—ones that have allowed Frame Linear to “punch above its weight.”