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‘Foxcatcher’ Director Bennett Miller: It’s Healthy to Allow a Story to Gestate

A dip in the economy caused the filming of critically-acclaimed new film Foxcatcher to stall for several years–and it’s something director Bennett Miller thinks was a blessing in disguise.

Millers tells The Atlantic, “It’s really healthy to have that time to allow a story to gestate and to think about it. A lot of the elements that vibrated initially—all the shiny elements of the story—they began to lose their luster and give way to more substantive stuff. It is a very sensational story. It’s a story that lends itself to sensationalism. Maybe an earlier iteration would have gone for that low-hanging fruit. I far prefer this kind of film. It’s much more satisfying for me…as a person, some amount of maturing occurred in the period when I had to wait. I think my interest became more focused on the deeper currents of the story. I became less interested in the entertainment of it.”

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