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Found Footage Feature Film ‘The Road to Siberia’ Was Shot in Just 9 Days


Ryan Lokken writes on


about his experience shooting his micro-budget feature film

The Road to Siberia

Shot as a found-footage road trip movie, the entire film was shot in just nine days with a Blackmagic Cinema Camera as the cast and crew took a real road trip across Europe.


was probably our main inspiration as it is one of the more cinematic films in the genre. However as mentioned earlier we wanted to push the format to new grounds, and to go on new ground we had to look past any previously made films,” writes Lokken. “We constantly wanted to push ourselves to bring out the best of the film experience and a part of that was to create 360 degree shots, to fully emerge the viewer into the setting. By not limiting the camera angles to a single directing, we achieved the feeling of being present on the location. his of course caused some problems as we had a film crew to hide. And if we couldn’t do that by filming the other way, what then? First of all, we cut the the crew to a minimum. 2 men behind the camera. Second of all, we made sure that the character holding the camera would always move behind Will (the DP), to not break eye contact and to make sure that the actor wouldn’t suddenly appear in frame as Will would spin the camera 180 degrees. Along with that actor, I stayed behind the camera and followed along in every scene, there was a lot of running and ducking while trying to avoid making any noises. It was a great challenge.”

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