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FotoKem Performs Post Services for Palo Alto

FotoKem completed digital intermediate and postproduction services for director/screenwriter Gia Coppola’s film Palo Alto. “It was important [that the film] have a more filmic, softer texture,” explains cinematographer Autumn Durald, who shot Palo Alto with a Panavised RED EPIC camera mounted with Panavision Super Speed lenses and vintage 1970s glass to lend a softer feel to the image. Durald’s REDRAW R3D files were transcoded for final color using REDlogFilm for flexibility with various film/lab emulations.

FotoKem colorist Alastor Arnold demonstrated Fuji and Kodak film emulation LUTs along with variants involving different color spaces and lab processes. “We were really happy with the Kodak LUT as the base, and then we added grain over that,” says Durald. Arnold graded in Quantel Pablo, using its noise treatment feature in different blending modes and intensities to give a grain pass to the entire film.