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Formatt Offers 5 New Filters

Formatt Filters

, UK, is offering five new filters specifically geared to those shooting in HD: HD Clear Soft Effects filters, HD Neutral Density filters, Clear UV HD filters and Circular Polarizer filters. The result of extensive R&D over the last three years, the range has been developed specifically to meet industry demand for improved HD image quality during acquisition, and will be on display at NAB2007, in the Bogen Imaging booth.

Formatt’s new generation of glass filters offers unparalleled standards in design and performance. The finest materials together with state of the art production techniques have resulted in a standard of optical perfection unmatched anywhere else. All Formatt filters are manufactured using Schott B270 Super White optical lens glass that is precision polished and ground to ensure absolute optical flatness and optimum performance. Each filter is guaranteed flatness to a maximum 2 to 3 wave value and comes with an individual reading from a laser interferometer. Every filter is carefully verified with a densitometer and spectrophotometer to ensure consistent and accurate transmission before leaving the factory, resulting in an absolute purity of image that eliminates any unwanted colorcast caused by conventional greenish soda-lime glass.

Formatt Soft Effects

The Formatt HD/DV Soft Effect Filter is designed to soften the harsh outlines which can result in high definition work, but with minimal loss of detail and contrast. The filter uses a series of small Plano-convex lenses mounted within a specially developed matrix, which in turn is sandwiched between highly polished sheets of Schott B270 Super White optical lens glass. The Formatt HD soft filters are designed to allow the light to pass through for the most part undisturbed; however, a small part of the surface area of the filter has a series of very small lenses on it. The small lenses use their enhanced small radius to produce a controlled spherical aberration, avoiding the risk of secondary focus at short focal lengths, as may happen with other so called “soft” filters. The small lenses are distributed within the filter area in a stochastic pattern, eliminating the danger of moiré fringing even in difficult conditions such as sun lit water surfaces. This is extremely important when using today’s moiré sensitive digital chips.

HD Soft Gold Enhancer and HD SuperSoft Gold Enhancer

Formatt’s two new Soft Gold and SuperSoft Gold enhancers for HD use refraction to obtain specific effects, avoiding the color split associated with diffusion type filters. Soft Gold filters use the latest developments in materials technology to soften outlines and enhance flesh tones, removing blueness and facial blemishes without distortion. Tiny particles within the skin tone enhancing matrix bounce incoming light onto the reverse face of the glass filter. Total internal reflection projects the light into the camera lens, refracted by the glass, softening the image but without losing contrast. The use of refraction eliminates the color split associated with diffusion. SuperSoft Gold filters combine two highly successful techniques by laminating a soft gold enhancer with the trendsetting HD soft filter to provide the ultimate in facial enhancement for the HD camera user.

Clear UV HD Filters & Circular Polarizer

The Formatt Clear UV HD filter is a cleverly designed, optically clear filter which absorbs potentially damaging high energy UV light below 410 nanometers. It is made with the standard Formatt A.C.T. methodology with a UV absorbent polymer sandwiched between two layers of Schott B270 Super White Crown Optical Glass. The Clear UV HD filter is intended to be used as an optical flat protection filter and is designed to protect the lens from physical damage while maintaining optical neutrality. This allows the user to choose color effects from other filters without having to endure the traditional coloration found in 1A and 2B UV filters. The high levels of transmission of this filter make it ideal for use in low light situations.

The Formatt Circular Polarizer is also made with the Formatt A.C.T. methodology with a polarizing polymer sandwiched between two layers of Schott B270 Super White Crown Optical Glass. The same processes used on larger Formatt square filters is also applied to Formatt round filters as well. Formatt uses the only the highest grade UV and Polarizing Polymers available, and inserting the polymer between two layers of glass allows the user to clean the filter as often as required and without damaging the protective layer. This is especially important with the popular 1/3 inch chip for HD as well as when shooting wide-angles or in large light areas, where every speck of dirt or smear will be extremely visible. The Formatt Circular Polarizer and Clear UV HD filters are available as a round screw in filters from sizes 40.5mm to 138mm and all common square sizes.

Formatt HD Neutral Density Filters

Formatt HD Neutral Density Filters have been specially formulated as a result of extensive research into new applications for molecular A.C.T. dyes. The filters give more of a neutral grey without the specular effects from the particulate coatings of the current neutral density and neutral density graduated filters, which allows the user more precise control. While Formatt HD Neutral Density filters are a new range, they have the same densities and light stops as the Kodak Wratten Standards.

Formatt’s new Neutral Density Filters are a response to the many DPs and cinematographers who find that it is important to shoot as wide open as possible to minimize depth of field, especially with HD. In response to the professional demand for an optically correct and pristine neutral density filter for HD, Formatt designed its HD Neutral Density Filters, which are the ultimate solution to enhance color contrast and are ideal for normal light reduction.

Formatt’s HD Neutral Density solid and graduated filters are available in all the popular round screw in sizes, all the standard square sizes and can be special ordered in any size or gradient.

All Formatt filters are finished with a unique edge frame offering maximum protection against chipping, surface scratches and enables easy handling and cleaning. With the filter description on top of the frame it also makes identification of the filter much easier especially when filters are stored in cases on location. Bogen Imaging is the exclusive distributor of Formatt Glass Filters in North America, and carries Formatt’s complete range of top quality filters.