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Force Intros New Transmitters & Receivers for SPECTRALinx Model 3000 Series

Force, Incorporated

introduced Stand-alone Optical Transmitters and Receivers to the SPECTRALinx Model 3000 Series L-Band and IF Satellite Transport System. Designed for world-class Teleport operators, the 3000 Series provides a state-of-the-art approach to this demanding environment and meets or exceeds the most stringent performance parameters required by the industry. The Model 3000 optically transports the entire L-Band frequency range (950 – 2250 MHz) while the Model 3070 transports the entire IF frequency range (10 – 200 MHz) with extended frequency ranges available upon request.

Stand-alone 3000 and 3070 Modules are available in 1310 nm, 1550 nm, CWDM, and DWDM configurations. Both transmitters and receivers offer three user-selectable modes of gain control and provide a number of system test points and indicator LEDs, further ensuring proper Teleport system operations. Advanced DSP controls continuously monitor all critical parameters, ensuring optimum performance over the entire operating temperature range, extending the life of the product. The rugged stand-alone enclosures can withstand the extreme environments experienced by satellite installations. Designed to provide unsurpassed performance to professional operators, the 3000 Series is attractively priced against comparable competitive systems, and offers complete system flexibility.