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Footage Search Unveils Red One 4K Expansion of OceanFootage, NatureFootage Stock Footage Collections

Footage Search announces the latest expansion to its OceanFootage and NatureFootage stock footage collections with the official unveiling of all-new Red One 4K footage. The Footage Search Red One 4K collection redefines how the natural world can be viewed on video. The collection is growing weekly and delivery is available as master RED Raw 4K files or as HD ProRes compressed formats.

Monterey, CA — Footage Search, Inc. announces the expansion of the OceanFootage and NatureFootage collections with all new Red One 4K footage. The footage is being sourced from renowned cinematographers worldwide and features a growing variety of habitats and species from the deep sea to the world’s mountaintops.

NatureFootage Red One Collection
“OceanFootage and NatureFootage will both see a rapid increase of Red One 4K footage online,” announced company founder and president Dan Baron. “We have an impressive amount of material already acquired, and anticipate enormous growth of Red One 4K content by the end of the year. The creative possibilities of what one can do with this amazing footage format are endless.”

With more than 5 times the amount of information stored in Red One 4K compared to HD, the addition of this footage to Footage Search’s stock footage collections promises to be a tremendous benefit to projects on every scale. Of special note is the ability to alter Red One footage in terms of scale and color range and still retain absolute clarity of the shot. Productions may choose to pan-and-scan and zoom within a shot and still extract pristine HD quality imagery. Footage Search notes that it is positioned to see immediate additions to its natural history archives as RED releases its new line of cameras and formats. Add to this the use of the latest in camera handling, stabilizing and tracking technologies, and the results promise to be a cinematic feast for the eyes, as the Footage Search network of providers continue to capture life and nature in action around the globe.

A sampling of subjects currently in the OceanFootage and NatureFootage collections include a new take on ocean sunsets, crashing and crystal clear waves from topside to inside and beneath the waves, coral reefs teaming with life, sea lions, seals and other marine mammals, bait balls, city skylines, agriculture, majestic mountain ranges from around the globe, beautiful forests of all varieties from tropical to temperate, and rarely captured behavior of bobcats, rattlesnakes, hawks and eagles, coyotes, and so much more.

For more information on the Red One 4K footage available at the OceanFootage and NatureFootage websites please visit: OceanFootage and NatureFootage.

About Footage Search, Inc.
Footage Search Inc., founded in 2002, is the leader in nature and wildlife stock footage, supplying premium content to production houses worldwide through the OceanFootage and NatureFootage web sites. OceanFootage is the largest online collection of ocean stock footage in the world, representing over 250 leading cinematographers worldwide, and NatureFootage is a quickly expanding collection covering all aspects of the natural world. Footage Search is also a leading innovator in media management and distribution technology design and implementation. Footage Search offers stock footage suppliers custom-branded stock footage web sites with the online technology for stock footage asset management, research and licensing.