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Focus & JVC Announce DR-HD100 DTE Recorder for JVC ProHD Camcorders

Focus Enhancements, Inc.

announced the availability of its FireStore DR-HD100 Direct To Edit (DTE) recorder. Focus Enhancements and

JVC Professional

designed the DR-HD100 to interface specifically with the popular JVC GY-HD100 series of ProHD camcorders.

The portable DR-HD100 can be directly mounted to the JVC GY-HD100 with a number of bracket options, or clipped to a belt. Focus Enhancements powerful DTE technology enables video professionals to record HDV or DV streams directly to the unit with or without a tape inserted. Footage is recorded as DTE files that can be imported and used immediately by most popular NLE systems, saving time, improving workflow and providing a digital backup.

The DR-HD100 features integration with the JVC GY-HD100 series of ProHD camcorders. It includes multiple control options as well as the ability to monitor DTE recorder status in the camcorder’s viewfinder. When the camcorder is set to DV record mode, users can select between DR-HD100’s ten different DTE Technology file formats including Avid OMF, QuickTime, Canopus AVI, AVI Type 2 and many more. When the camcorder is in HD mode, it can record 720p M2T files directly to disk, which can be directly imported into applications such as Canopus Edius Pro and Avid Xpress Pro HD. QuickTime HDV support for direct import to Apple Final Cut Pro will be available as an upgrade option soon.

The robust and lightweight DR-HD100 weighs 1 pound and is available in either 40GB (about 3 hours of DV or nearly 4.5 hours of HD 720p) or 80GB (about 6 hours of DV or nearly 9 hours of HD 720p) capacities. The DR-HD100 also features up to ten seconds of cache recording in its retro-record mode to help users from missing a shot, a removable Li-Ion battery pack which provides up to 90 minutes record run-time, a status LCD display, and 16-button front panel.

The Focus Enhancements DR-HD100 is available now through the worldwide JVC Professional dealer and distributor network for a US MSRP of $1,495 for the 40GB model and $1,895 for the 80GB model. Additional 90-minute record battery packs are available for $129 as well as a 3-hour battery pack for $199.