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Fluid Redefines the Short Film in 5 Seconds for Dell

Editor John Piccolo cuts a mockumentary making fun of today’s fast-moving online culture.

NY-based editorial shop Fluid editor John Piccolo teams up with Y&R New York and Über Content to redefine the “short film” in the 2:23 “5-Second Filmmaker” for Dell. The mockumentary celebrates fictional filmmaker Marty Goldberg, known for creating cinematic masterpieces in just five seconds, as part of Dell’s social media-driven “Learning Meets Doing” web and cinema campaign.

The spot’s lighthearted, satirical tone pokes fun at today’s fast-moving online culture, which values 6-second Vine videos, immediate Instagram photos and live Tweeting. Goldberg even mentions how it took him a full year to create his newest 5-second masterpiece, bringing attention to the absurdity of the so-called “Goldberg Method.” But no matter what the audience thinks of Goldberg’s style, his Dell technology helps him every step along the way.

The video is running globally in the U.S., India, Brazil and China.