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‘In the Flesh’ Illuminated with Rotolight Anova

For the second season of BBC’s In the Flesh, director of photography Dale McCready turned to Rotolight’s Anova Bi-Color v2 LED floodlights. McCready considers the Anova lamp “a nice punchy, lightweight, round LED panel with unique flower-like barndoors. It dims, is adjustable in color temperature and has a digital readout. It also contains a Wi-Fi chip to create its own network, which you can access through the Rotolight Magic Eye app.

“For In The Flesh, the Anova fits in beautifully for nearly every interior setup I’ve done,” the cinematographer continues. “It’s not ‘that tricky LED lamp for last-minute eye lights.’ Instead, it’s the go-to lamp for nearly every setup. It fits in with the 650s, it fits in with the HMIs, it fits in with the Kino Flos. I measured on my Sekonic color meter early on and found it to be very neutral in terms of green/magenta cast. It’s quick to adjust, and if I can’t reach the control on the back, then I can use the iPhone app to tweak it from near the camera.”

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