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Finding the Heart of a Monster in ‘Godzilla’

Cinematographer Seamus McGarvey and director Gareth Edwards talk to ICG Magazine about production on their monster movie, Godzilla.

Says McGarvey about Edwards’ debut feature Monsters (which ultimately snagged him the high-profile Godzilla job), “It wasn’t just that the picture never betrayed its low-budget origins. Many first-time directors trying to get into the big leagues make calling-card films that emulate bigger productions. But Gareth is a cineaste who loves telling stories in that unique way only a camera can. When I discovered Gareth had shot [Monsters] himself, it was even more evident to me that his was a talent to be reckoned with. He wanted us to maintain a very naturalistic feel, with the camera as a witness to what transpires, which is a nice contrast to the bombastic camera moves in some big films that turn into out-of-control CG rides.”

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