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Filmmaker Pamela Romanowsky Experiments with Memory and Flashback in ‘The Adderall Diaries’

Filmmaker Pamela Romanowsky talks to NoFilmSchool about her debut feature, The Adderall Diaries, adapted from the memoir of the same name.

She says about the film’s innovative use of flashbacks, “Memory in cinema is just totally fascinating to me. It’s hard to know how memory feels for any other person. You only know for yourself. But in my experience, when you’re watching a movie and you see a flashback with a card telling you what year it is, or some period music to tell you when it is, and it’s shot very objectively, that’s not at all how memory feels. The desire to experiment with something that felt a little bit more like how memory feels, how it sort of rushes in whether you want it to or not, how you see fragments of it, how the pacing of that event feels different when you’re remembering it…that’s all stuff that I was trying explore with my DP and with my editor. We experimented a lot. Within the flashbacks in this film, sometimes you see one piece of it, and then will see another piece of it later that lends context. Sometimes it’s the same content but it’s a little bit different. Like the actors clothes change a little bit between those two versions of the flashback. The backgrounds change a little bit. The way that we shoot it changed. Then, some factual differences happen. “

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