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Filmmaker Debra Granik on Finding Inspiration From Ordinary People

Filmmaker Debra Granik (Winter’s Bone, Stray Dog) joins an episode of Filmmaker Magazine‘s She Does podcast to talk about her narrative and documentary work.

She says of the stories that attract her, “I fill up notebooks quickly. I have a lot of meteor showers where I have ideas. Usually it’s triggered by something touching me, or something lyrical. I’ll see something, a student performance and just the poignancy of adolescence, the poignancy of awkward choreography and I’ll just be like, ‘Oh my God, this speaks millions about how touching it is to grow up.’ Being touched somehow leads to wonderment. Wonderment sets off another chain of events which is like wanting to capture things. You know colliding with things, having things hit you. “The way you got on the bus was interesting. The way you shuffled through your coupons was interesting. And you over there, the way you picked up your dogs poo was amazing.’ So some days you’re just so receptive to human diversity. But maybe even when I’m not receptive, the way people survive will always, always attract me and draw my attention.”

Listen to the full podcast here.