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FilmLight, Aaton Introduce AatonK 2K|4K Digital Film Recorder

FilmLight, a developer of film scanning, color grading and color management technology, has formed a strategic partnership with France’s Aaton, a pioneering manufacturer of motion picture equipment, to market the new AatonK 2K|4K ultra-high-resolution digital film recorder, which is on display at IBC this week.

Under the terms of the agreement, FilmLight will handle sales, marketing, service and support for AatonK, while Aaton will manufacture the system. The partnership will allow FilmLight to bundle AatonK with the Northlight scanner and Baselight color grading system to offer an end-to-end 4K workflow.

“We believe there is still a place for a new film recorder in the market,” says FilmLight founder Wolfgang Lempp. “The AatonK sets a new benchmark—improvements in image quality at 4K, flexibility and performance for digital archiving and the ability to record direct to print position the AatonK as the premier choice for leading post facilities.”

“AatonK establishes a new standard for performance in digital film recorders,” adds Aaton founder Jean-Pierre Beauviala. “This system brings both higher speed and exceptionally high image resolution with extremely stable densitometric characteristics. Even when upgraded with the latest technology, laser recorders yield only half the speed of the AatonK. For archiving film on black-and-white separations—an important business for years to come—the AatonK is nine times as fast as current laser recorders.”

The AatonK utilizes a revolutionary diffraction limited telecentric lens and sensor system to increase recording speed and resolution. The system employs no moving parts during frame exposure and records several times faster than any other 4K-capable systems; it also delivers nearly twice the MTF (a measure of resolution) at 4K for color internegative and positive films.

The system’s 16K CCD reflex analyzer provides automatic self-calibration, eliminating the need for frequent wedge shoot-outs and densitometer sessions, and ensuring absolute consistency from one job to the next and one machine to the next.

The system supports output to intermediate, camera negative, direct to print, color reversal and B&W, making it possible to offer the best output option for each project.

Aaton has also designed the system to avoid some of the service issues that plague other film recorders. “The AatonK has no moving imaging parts, no lasers or CRT that require periodic replacement,” adds FilmLight director of sales Mike Grieve. “That results in lower support and operating costs for the life of the machine.”