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FCP X or Premiere Pro: Which NLE Is Right For You?

In the below video, Justin Brown of Primal Video lists his favorite things about both Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple Final Cut Pro X to help you figure out which NLE is right for you.

As 4K Shooters‘ Vlady Radev notes, “One of the biggest strengths of Final Cut X is the way it handles 4K video files. You can seamlessly edit and play back 4K files in their native resolution on a wide range of the latest MacBook Pros, mainly due to the background rendering the NLE offers.”

On the other hand, “The seamless integration of Premiere Pro CC with other Adobe creative applications is also extremely powerful and useful feature that Final Cut Pro X lacks. When it comes to editing, Premiere Pro CC also offers neat file management system which makes it much easier for you and your collaborators to work with bigger projects and load tons of media and other project assets.”

Watch below and read the full story here.