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‘Far from the Madding Crowd’ DP on Bringing Danish Sensibilities to a Very English Story

The new adaptation ofThomas Hardy’s classic novel Far from the Madding Crowd is helmed by Dogme ’95 founder Thomas Vinterberg, a bold and unusual choice for the period piece.

As cinematographer Charlotte Bruus Christensen tells Definition Magazine, “I think being Danes and this strange match of Thomas Hardy, a very English and beloved piece and matching it with a Danish ‘Dogme’ director was a match. Thomas Vinterberg was always going to give the story his vision, an odd Danish Dogme free thinking direction to this classic English piece. So we agreed to go with that, lets just go with the Danish or more Scandanavian feel to a Hardy novel…It was a very simple way of thinking–close ups and wide shots! We tried not to be too dictated to about what had been made before but at the same time we were giving it an overall feel saying ‘Lets not run away from what it is, lets stay true to an old fashioned story’. This isn’t a new thinking narrative, there’s nothing surprising in the story.  Lets not try to make something that is handheld or trying to be exciting or shock for the sake of it.”

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