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A Fake Paris Inspires Romain Gavras’s Revelatory Music Video for Jamie Xx

To make the music video for Jamie xx’s “Gosh,” director Romain Gavras took inspiration from his location. For the Parisian director, that location was Tianchedung, a Chinese city that was created as a replica of Paris, itself.

“[The video idea] It came about when I saw the pictures of the fake Paris in China,” Gavras tells Dazed. “Everyone is talking about cultural appropriation and I was like, ‘That thing is the most insane f***ing cultural appropriation.’ It’s almost like you don’t put it on a moral level – it’s not Iggy Azalea singing like a black woman, it’s f***ing insane. It’s like a cultural appropriation vortex.”

“I almost saw (the video) like a coming-of-age journey through a world where cultural appropriation became so insane that you need spirituality in order to elevate (yourself) from something where culture makes no sense,” he continues. “Somehow, spirituality is where that kid (in the video) is going to find sense. It’s like when you leave your friends, when you’re in high school, and then you’re going to go to the big town – that kind of coming-of-age type of narrative. And this why then they all circle him and he’s detaching himself from his other group of friends, and then he becomes his own prophet. But really, he doesn’t elevate himself, it’s the camera that elevates – so it’s the old thing where he doesn’t change, it’s the perception that we have that changes. This was the intellectual process I had making it.”

Watch the video and a making-of below. Read the full story here.