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Factory Fifteen Find Beauty in Destruction and Architecture in Music Video

Factory Fifteen create the architecture-inspired music video for two tracks from The Bug, “Function” and “Void.”

Factory Fifteen explain to The Creators Project, “There are several reasons why we are continually drawn to the deconstruction of architecture. One maybe because we studied architecture; we were all inspired by deconstructivism in architecture and find a beauty in the aesthetic of destruction. In this project we wanted to parallel the breakdown of the individual with the breakdown of the system. For us this was represented by the world and so became a literal collapse. Narratively for us this references the disintegration of non-physical things that have huge implications on our world, like the financial collapse and the economy of a city. For us the city and buildings are a character, the destruction of the world is as much the collapse of the protagonist’s world.”

Watch below and read the full story here.