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FAA’s Drone Authorizations and Waivers Explained

DRONELIFE‘s Miriam McNabb answers three of the biggest frequently asked questions for drone operators who need to get authorizations and waivers in order to legally fly their drone near airspaces and urban areas.

She writes, “The enactment of Part 107 late this summer regularized commercial drone operation in the US.  For drone operators who are working in remote areas at a distance from airports and entirely within Part 107’s guidelines, a Part 107 Remote Pilot’s Certificate may be all they need.  But for most operators, waivers and authorizations are a part of life. The FAA has done its best to make the waiver process as painless as possible – offering an online portal to submit requests for waivers and airspace authorizations.  But the regulations, explanations, fact sheets and FAQs can be confusing: many drone operators are left unsure of when to apply and how to be successful in the process.  Here are 3 big questions about FAA Airspace authorizations and Part 107 waivers – with the answers.”

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