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Extreme Sports Channel Expands Beyond Europe

Extreme Sports Channel has extended broadcast coverage beyond Europeand has launched on the Showtime pay-TV platform in the Middle East andNorth Africa.

Extreme Sports Channel broadcasts 24 hours a day 7 days a weekbringing audiences adventure and action sports such as Mountain Biking,Surfing,Windsurfing, Moto-x, Snowboarding, Skateboarding, BMX etc.

Extreme Sports Channel is broadcast on the Showtime platform as partof its Sports plus package. Showtime reaches homes in 22 territories inthe Middle East and North Africa, including Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwaitand the UAE.

Phil Jones,Managing Director Europe of Extreme Sports Channel, says,”We have all been very satisfied with the expansion over the last fewmonths. It is always an achievement to learn that your programmes are ahit with the target audience and that’s what we’re doing it all for. Weare hoping to arrange further contracts in the coming months andincrease our number of viewers even more.”

Peter Einstein, president and chief executive, Showtime, said,”Viewer response to Extreme Sports Channel on Showtime has been verypositive. The channel brings a new dimension to television viewing withits fusion of youth oriented sports. With its focus on emerging streetlifestyle, Extreme Sports Channel reflects the demographics of theMiddle East where more than 72 percent of the population is under 25years old.”

Extreme Sports Channel has also signed new agreements and launchedrecently with Cablecom Switzerland), UPC Poland (UPC Platform and WizjaDTH Platform), Zao Teleplus (Russia), Iceland Telecom and Tele M Sat(Romania). The Channel is now available in 5 languages covering 44countries.

Al Gosling CEO Extreme Group said, “Having launched the Channel 2years ago in one country and now to be in 44 with this being our 1stmove outside Europe we are obviously very pleased and I think this isproof that action sports are being taken very seriously and huge creditto our fantastic team who have put together such a great Channel.”

Extreme Sports Channel Europe is a joint venture between the ExtremeGroup( and UPCtv.