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‘Every Thing Will Be Fine’ Finished with Mistika

Director Wim Wenders trusted SGO’s Mistika for postproduction on his 3D film Every Thing Will Be Fine, starring James Franco. Working at ARRI Mitte in Germany, Christian Tröger used Mistika to complete the online, conform, depth grading, finishing and subtitling for the film.

“Mistika was an asset at every stage of the project,” Tröger explains. “It handled the native camera formats and was involved in overcoming challenges throughout the entire post process for the 2K-S3D delivery. Mistika’s efficiency and speed enabled the team at ARRI Mitte to execute the depth grade at the same time as the color grade, in two separate suites and with dedicated artists. This also had a unifying effect by including the DP, director and stereographer in the postproduction process and enabling the completion of the project’s final stages to take place collaboratively.”