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Entrepreneurial Duo Launches Unique, Affordable Music Collection As Resource for Photographers & Videographers

In the industry today, there aren’t a lot of options for photographers, videographers and production companies to find good music for their media needs. It’s either the same overused stock music or paying thousands to license music from a big name artist–which is obviously not practical for non-broadcast projects.

Daniel McCarthy and Nic Carfa, both photographers and videographers, found themselves in this same predicament of not being able to find current, unique music that was affordable. To solve this problem, they spent over a year scouting out the best indie and mainstream artists to create the comprehensive music licensing resource, The Music Bed. ?

The Music Bed is a boutique collection of hand-selected music ranging from up-and-coming independent artists to established artists who are signed to a label. The music can be used in any non-broadcast photography, videography, wedding, non-profit and ministry projects. For browsing ease, the music is conveniently categorized by genre, mood, and even for what types of projects it would make a perfect fit.

The collection encompasses a diverse mix of genres with everything from the folk/rock vibe of Thad Cockrell and Benjamin Dunn, to the more acoustic sounds of Brooke Annibale and Us And Our Daughters, to the pop/rock feel of Dave Barnes, Ben Rector and Green River Ordinance. Instrumental tracks are also available from select artists. ?

“It was something we needed,” says McCarthy. “We saw friends and colleagues who needed it, too. The Music Bed was born out of need, along with our passion for music.”?

McCarthy and Carfa are strong believers in licensing music. At The Music Bed, a song can be licensed for a one-time use for only $49. For $79, a song can be licensed for unlimited use for one year.?

“These musicians have created works of art they are willing to share with people to use in their works of art,” says McCarthy. “Music as art is no less tangible than a painting or a photo. People have spent time, thought and energy in creating something that means something special. We believe that they, like any other artist, should be fairly compensated and recognized for their work.”?