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Encore Completes Dailies and Post for ‘Olive Kitteridge’

For the production of the HBO miniseries Olive Kitteridge, directed by Lisa Cholodenko, Encore provided dailies, conform, color and supportive visual effects. Although most episodics are shot digitally, Olive Kitteridge was shot on film, requiring a full DI on top of the postproduction services for the show’s four hours of content.

With filming based in Massachusetts, each day’s footage was sent to Deluxe Labs in New York for processing. Once developed, negatives were scanned as ADX 2K DPX files for an ACES-compliant workflow made possible by Encore’s proprietary DiTV dailies system. HD deliverables were created for editorial and production from the 2K source media.

Once filming wrapped, all scanned files were sent to Encore Hollywood for conform, color and VFX. The 2K conform took place in Autodesk Smoke, then Encore senior colorist Pankaj Bajpai took the content through a DI finishing pipeline on a FilmLight Baselight 4 grading system. The custom workflow made extensive use of shared timelines, a high-bandwidth data network and Encore’s storage—3 petabytes of SANs, which easily held all episodes online for the duration of the post process. To deliver access to all of the media at any given time, Encore executed custom coding informed by the needs of the project. Throughout the color grading process, Bajpai collaborated with cinematographer Fred Elmes to ensure the final aesthetic matched the directorial creative vision.