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EditShare Keeps Content Joined at Joint Editorial

I saw EditShare at the 2006 NAB Show. This was back when they were a much smaller company. They had a small booth with two computers—one showing Avid and the other showing Apple Final Cut Pro, running on the same networked shared storage and playing back multiple streams of media. In addition, EditShare enabled collaborative project sharing on both editing platforms. It blew my mind. I thought to myself, “Wow, this is exactly what we were looking for.” They were the first ones in the industry to do that on a cross-platform basis. I immediately came back and told the team, “We gotta get this.”

EditShare XStream storage

We at Joint Editorial recommitted to EditShare in 2012 and 2013, purchasing new shared storage servers for the Portland and New York City offices. EditShare’s platform-agnostic structure played a significant role in our initial purchase and reinvestment. Over the years, we have deployed Avid and Final Cut Pro, with the occasional project done in Adobe Premiere Pro, and we have enjoyed the same rich EditShare feature set, including project sharing. The shared storage experience has been smooth across editing systems and platforms. No matter which direction we choose to go in the future, experience shows that EditShare will be there as the rock-solid central hub for our production.