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Editor’s View: Versions of Immersion

I’m endlessly amazed by the imaginative, innovative ways video is being introduced into our world—and as a video professional, you probably are, too. I’m all in, whether it’s virtual reality tours of Syria and North Korea, viewable with the Jaunt app, video-based environments from artists like Laura Poitras, and Diana Thater or projects that allow for exploration and education, like Bosch VR, an app that allows you to focus in on the many (many!) elements of artist Hieronymus Bosch’s immensely complicated, elaborate, symbolic and kind of bananas triptych, The Garden of Earthly Delights.

I’d also recommend you make time to experience Ai Wei Wei 360, a 360-degree tour of dissident artist Ai Wei Wei’s recent exhibit at London’s Royal Academy of Arts. “There is huge potential in bringing together the arts and technology to reach wider audiences,” says Fiona Morris, creative director and CEO of The Space, the company that worked with the museum to bring the real-world exhibit into the digital realm. “People can experience and enjoy it longer using the latest in digital innovation.”

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