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Editor’s View – Tribal Instincts

In February, we co-hosted an event with Adobe in Washington, D.C., a few days before the release of the film Act of Valor. Along with HP, Canon, NVIDIA and our sister magazine Government Video, we presented a series of sessions focusing on the techniques and technologies used to shoot, edit and deliver the film. Cinematographer Shane Hurlbut, ASC, and Bandito Brothers CTO Jacob Rosenberg each discussed their experiences making Act of Valor, and the day concluded with popcorn and a screening of the film.

Panel members Shane Hurlbut, ASC (Act of Valor
cinematographer), Jacob Rosenberg (Bandito Brothers chief
technology officer), Cristina Clapp (Digital Video editorial
director) and Rich Harrington (CEO, RHED Pixel) answer
questions during a pre-release screening of Act of Valor in
Washington, D.C.
Photo by Johnny Bivera, Visual Media One

I had such a good time, and not only because Adobe set out trays and trays of cookies during each break. It was just so nice to see D.C. friends, colleagues and readers and spend a day with people interested in all the same things I am. I kept thinking (in between trips to the cookie buffet), “Now these are my people!”

There is really no substitute for human-to-human interaction—no number of e-mail exchanges or iChat sessions or phone calls can match an afternoon jabbering about sensors, DSLRs, firmware, processing speeds, multicam editing…and seriously, even metadata. Metadata!

That said, I’d like to ask that you keep our two upcoming Digital Video Expos in mind. Yes, you can absolutely learn about new tools at each show, get training and listen to experts—and you can meet up with the members of your community and exchange ideas and opinions. I’m working to build and strengthen the social and community aspects of these events, because as “connected” as we all are, you can’t improve on a day spent with your colleagues, your people, your tribe.

Digital Video Expo East will be held in New York on June 20. Digital Video Expo West will be held in Los Angeles September 19-21. Both are free to attend, and you can register at So you should come.