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Editor’s View: Redefining Distribution

It’s an amazing time for content distribution—for us as consumers and, more importantly, for us as creators. As a consumer, you can essentially “program” a personalized television station, online video channel or film festival, pulling from a wide array of digital resources. Want to watch six BBC interviews with Stanley Kubrick, a “making of” film by his daughter about The Shining, his rarely seen documentary short “Day of the Fight,” and then all 203 minutes of Barry Lyndon? By tapping a few different streaming services, you can do it easily. Who needs the World Cup?

The sheer number of online distribution channels (or the “fragmented media landscape,” as some will describe it) makes collecting meaningful metrics more challenging, while concepts of economic “success” are constantly redefined, questioned and re-evaluated, but most content producers we interview are invigorated and inspired by the new possibilities. It seems to me almost analogous to the introduction of DSLR video: filmmaking possibilities are opened up in such a way that someone with creative drive, talent, resourcefulness and determination can actually, you know, make a movie!

This new and evolving distribution model means that content creators who work outside of the mainstream have more opportunities for their work to be seen. I’m thinking of Whit Stillman, one of my favorite directors. He’s now completing an series called The Cosmopolitans. (You’ll read more about it in our September issue.) He’s directed only four films in his career, the first in 1990 and the most recent in 2011. Now it’s possible for audiences to connect with his (wonderful) work online. Whether you have a Whit Stillman in your pantheon or you are the Whit Stillman in this scenario, the expanse of distribution options can only be viewed as a good thing. My hope is that it somehow balances out the supply and demand, matches content with viewers, and connects you with your audience.

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