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Editor Jill Bilcock on Lightworks and More

Editor Jill Bilcock (Moulin Rouge! Elizabeth, Muriel’s Wedding) talks about her career and her devotion to editing system Lightworks over on the Lightworks site. She says,

“Coming straight from cutting film to non-linear editing – the Lightworks system was designed specifically for this transition. It has a speed controller that was like a KEM or a Steenbeck. I was able to feel in control, as Lightworks complemented the thought processes I was used to before non-linear editing, when I was cutting film. Lightworks is a film program, which just happens to be run by a computer. It’s not like other systems [such as] computers adapted to edit film.

Lightworks’ ease of use helped me edit films like Moulin Rouge! [in which] music is a major part of the story. I honestly don’t think I would have been able to cut them without Lightworks. You aren’t adding frames by numbers or stopping abruptly. Its simplicity and minimal use of the mouse and keyboard allow for a better editing workflow.”

Read the interview in full here.