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Edit Tools: NL Technology SAT AI AutoIngest 3.1 and SAT AI Solo 1.1

View option allows users to modify clip names prior to ingest. Price: Upon request

Getting the most out of today’s camcorders and NLE gear still sometimes requires third-party solutions. For example, NL Technology offers its SAT AI AutoIngest 3.1 and SAT AI Solo 1.1 software to improve the process of ingesting Sony XDCAM media into Avid’s NLE products. SAT AI AutoIngest helps to automate the process of extracting MXF metadata from Sony’s drives and putting it directly into the Avid Unity/ISIS workgroup environment. For standalone workstations, SAT AI Solo adds more options to the import of video files directly into the media-store folders of the Avid editor. In each case, clips are imported and checked into the Avid system with full metadata — not just two or three incomplete segments as can sometimes happen when done manually, according to the company.

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