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East Pleasant’s Stash Helps Document Kilimanjaro Quest for Summit on the Summit

Rather than stand by as more than 1 billion people struggle through their daily lives without clean water, East Pleasant‘s Stash Slionski got on a plane to Tanzania so he could document and join in the efforts of Summit on the Summit, a group dedicated to transforming this brutal reality. Acting as director of photography, Stash worked with on a series of short documentary videos chronicling the group’s seven-day summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, an effort designed to raise awareness and spur fundraising for various groups focused on this global crisis.

Shooting during the muddy, wet all-day climbs and editing in the extremes of weather and altitude of the camps in the evenings, Stash teamed up with filmmaker Chase Jarvis and a post team including Travis Miller and Lindsey Kent to capture the group of cultural influencers, educators and high-profile individuals at every stage of the climb.

This is not Stash’s first sky-high charity documentary effort, as his reel includes similar projects on Mt. Everest and other towering peaks for Love Hope Strength, an international music-centric cancer charity. His work on one of those projects with Kent inspired the SOTS production crew to seek him out for a similar role in creating the videos for this year’s climb.

“Any time I can lend my services to a noble cause is a blessing,” stated Slionski. “This is a global crisis that people must begin paying attention to. I know that the best way to capture the attention of a broad audience is with fun, digestible, engaging content that can be shared socially, and I’m proud to say that we created that here. Chase and the crew are absolute pros, and were more amazing even that the astonishing scenery that surrounded us from base to summit.”