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E-Book: Best Practices for Managing Video Workflows

How media and entertainment companies are innovating and improving production, post-production, distribution, and archival data strategies

Over the past decade, there has been a considerable increase in the amount of data generated by media and entertainment companies due to the transition from traditional media workflows to fully digital environments.

This trend will continue to accelerate

as the industry moves from HD to 4K, and soon to 8K, recording. A single digital 4K camera alone can record up to 1.5 TB for every hour of filming. Because editing digital files requires very high bandwidths across the post-production workflow, a high-performance networking and storage infrastructure is necessary.

The industry has also seen a proliferation of files and formats: each day’s shoot creates a series of files, all of which must be indexed, backed up, distributed to post-production, and then archived.

Technologies that were once largely confined to the IT world, such as RAID disk arrays (redundant array of independent disks), Fibre Channel networks, and high-performance flash disks, are now being used for postproduction workflows.

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