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DVD Council Explains Support for All 3 DVD Forum-Approved Recordable DVD Formats

LAS VEGAS, NV (November 12, 2001) – An overflowing crowd ofreporters and editors from around the globe gathered here today at theRecordable DVD Council (RDVDC) press conference to find out whymanufacturers of seemingly competing DVD technologies would hold ajoint press conference. The RDVDC is a coalition of nearly 75 leadingDVD technology developers and manufacturers who are working to expandthe understanding of recordable DVD technologies (DVD-RAM, DVD-R,DVD-RW) that comply with the recordable DVD formats established by theDVD Forum.

During the briefing, attendees heard engineers from Panasonic,Toshiba, Hitachi, and Ritek discuss the current state of DVD Recordabletechnologies, their applications, what lies ahead and their commitmentto the RDVDC.

Dr. Paul Liao, president of Panasonic Technologies Company and chieftechnology officer of Matsushita Electric Corporation of America,opened the press conference by introducing the speakers and announcingtheir topics of discussion. Confirming that Panasonic will play a majorrole in the RDVDC, Dr. Liao said, “Panasonic supports the recordableDVD formats specified by DVD Forum and will help make the DVD world areality by supplying DVD drives, media and DVD-related products.”

Following the introductions, RDVDC Council chairman Bon-Guk Koo, whois also senior corporate advisor and former executive vice president ofSamsung Electronics, explained that the RDVDC provides education andstimulates new applications of the recordable DVD formats approved bythe Forum. Koo explained that the organization also fosters theexchange of information and that many of its members belong to othergroups such as the DVD Forum and the RW Products Promotion Initiative(RWPPI), an action organization that promotes DVD-R/RW products.

Koo started off the presentations by announcing the RDVDC’s new and introducing Tony Jasionowski, U.S. RDVDC programcoordinator, who is also Group Manager of Panasonic TechnologiesCompany’s R&D planning office. “To support software and hardwarevendors, we’re launching the U.S. educational/informational outreachprogram at COMDEX this week,” said Jasionowski. The program willpromote all of the recordable DVD formats approved by the DVD Forum-–DVD-RAM, DVD-R, and DVD-RW and will include outreach activitiesat major tradeshows such as Comdex, information exchange among councilmembers, and educational/informational programs for businesses andconsumers.

Next up to the podium was Mr. Hisashi Yamada, chief fellow oftechnology, Digital Media Network Company, Toshiba Corporation, whodiscussed copy protection and emphasized Toshiba’s support for theRDVDC.

As part of his discussion on the DVD World, Takeshi Kitade,Hitachi’s senior engineer for the marketing and products planningdepartment, pointed out that Hitachi is a steering committee member of230+-member DVD Forum and that Hitachi and its affiliates are membersof Recordable DVD Council.

Dr. Shyhyeu Wang, Director of Ritek Corporation’s R&D division,also confirmed Ritek’s support for the RDVDC, saying, “As the largestrecordable media manufacturer in the world, Ritek will dedicate itsfull power to support and promote the DVD recordable formats and willparticipate in the activities of Recordable DVD Council. Dr. Wang endedhis presentation on DVD-RAM, DVD-R, and DVD-RW media by stating thatRitek will do its best to produce high-quality media and to reduce themanufacturing cost of DVD recordable media.

At the end of the presentations participants in the RDVDC Pavilion(Booth L5555) provided demonstrations of products featuring all threeForum-approved formats, including the new low-cost, dual-technology DVDdrives that IDC predicts will help recordable DVD drives increase from1.4 million units this year to more than 30 million units in 2005.

The DVD Forum is an industry association whose 230+ members includeall major DVD manufacturers as well as the leading DVD softwaredevelopers and DVD media producers around the world. The DVD Forum hasestablished global DVD formats including DVD-Video, DVD-ROM, DVD-Audio,DVD-RAM, DVD-R, DVD-RW, and DVD Video Recording. For more information,visit

The Recordable DVD Council (RDVDC) is dedicated to advancing DVDForum-standard recordable DVD technologies and products worldwide. Itprovides education, fosters the exchange of information, and stimulatesnew applications. For more information on the RDVDC, contact TonyJasionowski, U.S. Program Coordinator, at 201.348.7777. Visit thecouncil’s website at