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DV Expo East to Host Massive East Coast FCP UG Meeting

Several East Coast FCP User Groups will be holding a massive meeting at DV Expo East on Tuesday, July 19 from 11am to 2 pm. It will include groups from NYC, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Boston, MA, Rhode Island, DC and Atlanta. If you want to attend the EC FCP UG event, you must be a registered attendee of DV Expo East (or pay the on site registration fee).

NYC FCP UG members receive a discount of $15 off Apple certification and the Show packages. Include the priority code “ECFCP” tto apply this savings.

Here is the Meeting Schedule for the


Meeting on Thursday, June16, 6:30pm to 8:30pm at the Apple Store (103 Prince


• Rob Gilpatrik, editor & evangelist

FCP miseries and how to avoid them: trouble shooting tips from the trenches. Rob works at Tekserve as a pro video sales & support specialist along with Steve Grassotti and Frank LaMonaca.

• Todd Simmons, Branding for Film & Video State Studio

Todd Simmons from State Studio will be speaking about the importance of branding for film and video. State Studio is a multi-disciplinary design studio whose work crosses nearly every category of creative output. Their product types include: concepts, identity, print, packaging, product, mixed-media and environmental installations. Their clients have included Banana Republic, Barneys New York, Kiehl’s, Polo Ralph Lauren, Verve Records, and Biotherm.

• Dave Marcus, Lessions in FCP freelance editor

Dave Marcus will be presenting a quick lesson in FCP. Dave Marcus is the Co-Creator of Magnet Media’s award-winning Digital Media Training Series (DMTS) and DVD subscription series, Zoom In.

Marcus has lectured on Final Cut Pro and DVD Studio Pro at the NY Final Cut Pro User Group; Brooklyn College; Apple Stores in

Soho, Santa Monica, and The Grove in LA; and has taught workshops on Final Cut Pro at J & R Music World. Outside of the training and production world, in 2001, he co-founded and served as Director of Multimedia for Choobahouse Inc., an event production company focusing on multi-cultural/mixed media events.


The June raffle includes:

Flip4Mac, DMTS, DV EXPo EAST, CGM TV, Thought Equity, Total Training, Ripple Training, Intelligent Assistance, Final Draft, CMP Books and more! Visit the website for updates and new announcements. Tickets are a $2 donation a piece and fund the ongoing operation of our community.