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The Duplass Brothers Take on Thirtysomething Life in ‘Togetherness’

Siblings and filmmakers Jay and Mark Duplass speak to NPR’s Fresh Air about their work together and their new HBO show Togetherness, a dramedy that focuses on four people in their late thirties: two married and two single and looking.

“Our first feature we made was called The Puffy Chair, and it was sort of about what our life really felt like in our 20s when we were all kind of dating people for a year or two,” Jay says. “And when we came to make Togetherness we thought, ‘We’re hearing lots of conversations about people who are either in their late 30s and married, and they’re just an inch from drowning in the sea of their children and their jobs and making everything work. Or they haven’t found that person yet. Or haven’t even found that traction in their work life.'”