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The Duplass Brothers Embrace Television with HBO Series ‘Togetherness’

Filmmakers Mark and Jay Duplass are a prolific force to be reckoned with in the independent film world, and now they are bringing their unique comedic sensibilities to television with their new 8-episode HBO series Togetherness.

Mark Duplass and Jay Duplass. Photo by Jaimie Trueblood.

“I always loved United Artists in the ’70s. It is hard to find a partner who’s going to give you money that is truly in line with what you want to be making,” Mark tells The Hollywood Reporter. “The only ones we’ve had that with in recent history is HBO. That’s just straight up a company that is not afraid. They’re flush with money. They believe in their filmmakers. Jay and I came up making independent films, so for us, we’re dealing with a windfall of money — but we’re probably still the cheapest show on HBO.”

Thought the brothers started out thinking they would never work outside indie films, they now realize they should have made the leap to television sooner. “As you grow, you figure out what you want versus what you thought you wanted for yourself,” Mark explains. “I want to be on set with Jay making our television show for HBO. I don’t want to be on a $6 million independent film set where they’re freaking out whether they’re going to get their money back and they’re beating the s**t out of us all the time.”

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