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Drones Are News Broadcasters’ Answer to Individual Newsgathering

In an era of individual newsgathering and social media prominence,


‘s Kevin Kelly argues the importance of drones for professional news broadcasters.

He writes on NewscastStudio, “

The question broadcasters now face goes to the heart of their future relevancy. How do they counter this large and broad trend toward segmented news that is individually gathered and shared exclusively on social media platforms? The answer is drones and, more specifically, drone video systems that are enabling more and more broadcasters to go beyond what individuals can capture by putting drones and drone video systems into the very center of a breaking news story without endangering the lives of a pilot or a hard-to-replace helicopter. In many respects, these unmanned aerial vehicles are empowering broadcasters to create their own version of a ‘selfie’ that individuals cannot keep up with.”

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