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Drone Reveals Hidden Beauties of a Byzantine Church

BigFly’s Guillaume Juin and Joris Favraud took a big risk in flying their drone inside Northwest France’s only Byzantine church. Drone crashes are not uncommon and, in this case, they were flying one around priceless artifacts. 

As Fstoppers explains, “Their equipment as it was used in this video is a Gryphon Redback X8 1200mm Aerial Platform, fitted with a Ronin-M, configured for upside-down mounting to give a clear view above the drone as it flies around, and a Sony a7S II. Guillame, the pilot, controls the platform itself, while his co-pilot, Joris, controls the camera and gimbal. Separation of the control helps maximize efficiency as well as helping to allow the pilot to focus on the movement of the drone and allowing the camera operator to focus on the control of the camera, ultimately allowing the final shots to be much smoother and more dynamic.”

Check out their video below.

Byzantine – BigFly from on Vimeo.