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DP Toby Oliver Extends the Subversive Nature of ‘Get Out’ to Its Cinematography

Cinematographer Toby Oliver speaks to 

Film School Rejects 

about shooting Jordan Peele’s subversive horror movie

Get Out

, about a man whose first visit to his girlfriend’s family’s home goes horribly awry.

“[We felt] 

most of the movie should feel really grounded in a reality that suggests a real world rather than a heightened, horror movie kind of visual experience… to make sure that it feels very grounded for the main character, Chris,” says Oliver, who also revealed that he and Peele decided to give the family estate a purposefully warm look. “Rather than getting to the house and having it be frightening when you first arrive, that’s something that’s only revealed later on, and so we actually wanted to visually portray the estate as somewhere very welcoming and warm and fuzzy.”

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