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DP Manuel Billeter Creates the Look for Three Marvel Superheroes on Netflix

Cinematographer Manuel Billeter has had the unique experience of crafting the look of three different Marvel shows on Netflix, starting with Jessica Jones, moving on to Luke Cage, and then the upcoming Iron Fist.

 “I like to give each show a unique look but at some point, all these characters are going to intertwine,” Billeter, who shot every episode of all three shows, tells Where to Watch. “They can’t feel as they’re all coming from completely different worlds so there’s a certain element of style that needs to carry over from show to show.”

For Iron Fist, Billeter reveals that he used the Robert Elswit-shot Michael Clayton as reference. “I don’t want to give too much away but we know from the comic book that a lot of Iron Fist takes place in the corporate world so I’m giving the show a brighter, more corporate look,” he says.

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